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Exclusive Workouts
42 weeks of trimester specific workouts.
New workouts each week.
Weekly workout plans and fitness 
equipment bundle.
Nutritional Guidance 
Trimester-by-trimester nutrition guides.
Guidance on foods to eat and foods 
to avoid.
Weekly meal planners and recipes.
Access to our exclusive Facebook Community.
Guidance and support from nutritionists and women's health experts.
TLC from mamas in the same season 
of motherhood.
Ready to feel supported, vibrant
& healthy during pregnancy?
Developed by fitness experts, holistic nutritionists, birth doulas, somatic 
experiencing practitioners and women’s pelvic health specialists.
MamaWell is modern wisdom and whole body guidance for your journey into motherhood. Whether you’re a pregnant first-time mom, having your fourth, or just entered into the postpartum chapter, MamaWell provides 42-weeks of digital content filled with movement, nourishment, and community. 
Pregnancy & Postpartum Support
What do you hope happens during your pregnancy?
  I want to stay/get fit.
  I want to learn new recipes.
  I want to get healthy for my baby.
  I need support.
  I want to gain a community.
  I want to learn what I really need.
  I want to prepare my body for birth.
  I want a postpartum recovery plan.
Why is MamaWell so important for moms?
MamaWell is your roadmap to experience more joy, clarity, and ease during pregnancy and new mamahood.

Movement during pregnancy. 
You'll increase strength, flexibility and mindfulness with our birth prep and breathing exercises.

Armed with nutrition information and recipe ideas, as well as your own preparation plan for birth and beyond, you'll have the info you need for peace of mind.

Moms need other moms, our program not only connects you with other moms but a veritable powerhouse of experts who will share their knowledge with you.

"I just had my second baby two weeks ago so I joined MamaWell 
at the tail end of the program. I’m loving all of the postpartum information so far and definitely need the guidance for getting my body back...it’s hard to give my body the rest it needs when I’m itching to get back into my workout routine. Right now I’m focusing on pelvic floor strength, nutrition, and accepting help from others, which I have found in the MamaWell program."
— Jamie Lynn Saverin
30-day access to the full MamaWell program
Includes 42 Weeks of Workouts & Trimester Specific Nutrition Guides
- MamaWell fitness equipment including resistance band + mini band.
- Access to postpartum bonus guide.
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What’s included in MamaWell?
MamaWell is the first prenatal and postpartum digital course of its kind to offer support and guidance through every stage of new motherhood.
  • 42-week guide to pregnancy and early postpartum.
  • Supports new motherhood through trained professionals. science, support, and community. 
  • Advice and recipes from an in-house holistic nutritionist.
  •  Guidance and modern wisdom for the fourth trimester.
  • TLC from other new moms within your own MamaWell community. 
Moving is an important part of a woman’s well being before and after childbirth. Each week, you will get a custom movement plan, catered by your current trimester, that includes 2 core + strength workouts and 1 restorative workout. 
Strength and core work are paramount during pregnancy (and your postpartum season of life). MamaWell workouts combine bodyweight + bands through a warm up and a series of functional, full body exercises.
Q: What are the main focuses of MamaWell within the 42-week guide?
A: Move. Gather. Nourish. Our experts focus on the changes in your nervous system during pregnancy and postpartum by creating safe movements and recipes and addressing the changing hormonal and physical needs during pregnancy and post-baby and how the right workouts and healthy habits can best aid you.

Q: What exactly am I signing up for and do I get access to everything all at once or is it revealed to me based on inputting my due date?
A: You are getting access to a full 42-week digital guide including 42-weeks of workouts, birth preparation, nutritional guidance, a digital postpartum course, and access to a private Facebook group to connect with other moms to be. 

Q: How long are the workouts? What kind are they? How do they change and evolve throughout pregnancy?
A: All workouts are about 20-25 minutes. The movements change based on the balance challenges, and increased blood volume, etc. that changes in each trimester.

Q: What can I expect weekly?
A: You can expect 4 movements per week: 2 core and strength, 1 birth preparation, and 1 restorative workout.

Q: Do I need any supplies to get started?
A: Fitness equipment is included in your purchase, the program utilizes bodyweight workouts, and resistance bands.

Q: What if I am in my 3rd trimester? Is it too late?
A: Nope! It is never too late to support your pregnancy and to have a better postpartum experience. You will still have access to all the nutrition, workouts, postpartum prep, and will get the 6 week postpartum guide to aid in a better recovery after birth. 

Q: What will I learn to do in this program that isn't shared elsewhere?
A: How to exercise properly in pregnancy, how to nourish your body and how to create a postpartum plan for yourself, your family, your partner, and support team.

Q: Can I do this on my phone/tablet or do I need a laptop?
A: This program is accessible on any device, including phones, tablets and computers.

Q: SO, how much is MamaWell?
A: The full MamaWell membership is a one-time subscription of $147.
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